LiVe 2024: 8th Workshop on Learning in Verification


The success of machine learning has been motivating researchers in formal methods to adapt the highly scalable learning methods to the verification setting, where correctness guarantees on the result are essential. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from the formal verification community that are developing approaches to exploit learning methods in verification or to verify systems with learning-based components as well as researchers from machine learning area interested in applications in verification and synthesis. The general topic of machine learning in verification includes, for instance,

Previous editions

The 1st edition was held as a satellite event of ETAPS 2017 on April 29, 2017, in Uppsala, Sweden. It featured 12 presentations and an invited talk by Kim G. Larsen (Aalborg University), who has an ongoing ERC Advanced Grant LASSO (Learning, analysis, synthesis and optimization of cyber-physical systems). The 2nd edition was held as a satellite event of ETAPS 2018 on April 20, 2018, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Apart from regular presentations, it featured two invited talks by Guy Katz (Stanford / Hebrew University) and Krishnamurthy Dvijotham (Google DeepMind) on verifying neural networks. The 3rd edition was held as a satellite event of ETAPS 2019 on April 6, 2019, in Prague, Czech Republic. It included invited talks by Bettina Könighofer and Kristian Kersting and industrial talks by Martin Neuhäusser (Siemens) and Vahid Hashemi (AUDI). The 4th edition had been postponed together with ETAPS 2020 and took place together with the 5th edition during ETAPS 2021 on March 27, 2021, as a virtual meeting. The invited was delivered by Martin Vechev and Matthew Mirman (both ETH Zurich). The 6th edition was held as a satellite event of ETAPS 2022 (which we also organized) on April 2, 2022, in Munich, Germany. It featured an invited talk by Armando Tacchella (University of Genoa). The 6th edition was held as a satellite event of ETAPS 2023 on April 22, 2023, in Paris, France. It featured an invited talk by Thiago D. Simão (Radboud University Nijmegen).

Invited speaker

Bernhard Steffen: Malwa: A Tool for Fully Automated Model Inference of Instrumented Web Applications

We present Malwa, our web-based tool that allows the fully automatic inference of behavioral models from adequately instrumented web applications via active learning. Characteristic for MALWA is its underlying domain-specific language for HTML instrumentation that allows one to systematically construct web applications that are learnable by design. The impact of this approach will be illustrated along an application scenario where the code for the process logic of the application has been generated by Chat GPT.

Preliminary programme

The workshop takes place on site in the room Schengen I of Parc Hotel Alvisse, 120 Rte d'Echternach, 1453 Dommeldange, Luxembourg, on Saturday, April 6, 2024.

The inofficial proceedings with all abstracts can be found here. The talks are planned 20 minutes long plus 10 minutes discussion.

Welcome and invited talk

10:00-10:30 Coffee break

Session 1: Learning policies

12:30-14:00 Lunch break

Session 2: Automata learning

15:45-16:30 Coffee break

Session 3: Neural networks the times have been updated to align with the coffee break

Self-supported workshop dinner: We gather 18:30 in the lobby


Since the aim of the workshop is to stimulate discussion on the potential of learning techniques in verification and to report on recent advancements, we invite presentations of possibly already published as well as ongoing work. The submissions should be abstracts of such work, limited to at most two pages in the llncs style, and will only be published in the informal pre-proceedings for the convenience of the participants. There will be no formal publication or post-proceedings. The submission are to be done over Easychair.

Important dates:

In case of any questions, please contact the organizer Jan Kretinsky at <name>.<surname>

Looking forward to seeing you LiVe!