A Modern Approach to
Distributed Artificial Intelligence

edited by Gerhard Weiss

The MIT Press

ISBN 0-262-23203-0
643pp. US$60 (cloth)
includes Glossary, Exercises, and Subject Index

General Features

This is a comprehensive introduction to multiagent systems and contemporary distributed artificial intelligence. The book is primarily designed to be suitable as a textbook for the field that can used for teaching as well as self-study. Unlike traditional textbooks, the book brings together many leading experts, guaranteeing a broad and diverse base of knowledge and expertise. It emphasizes aspects of both theory and application, and covers core themes of the field as well as several closely related themes. Other unique features of this book are: it provides many illustrations and examples; it includes many thought-provoking exercises of varying degrees of difficulty; and it offers a twenty-page glossary of terms found in the study of agents, multiagent systems, and distributed artificial intelligence.


The book is intended to meet the interests of several audiences: professors and students who require an in-depth source of material for their courses; researchers who wish to branch out beyond their area of specialization; and software practitioners and industrial professionals interested in multiagent technologies. In view of the interdisciplinary nature of the field, it will be a useful reference not only for computer scientists and engineers, but for social scientists and management and organization scientists as well.

Table of Contents and Contributors

- Preface (pages xxi-xxiii)
- Prologue (1-23)

- PART I:     B A S I C   T H E M E S

- PART II:     R E L A T E D   T H E M E S

- Glossary (583-607)
- Subject Index (609-619)

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