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Hello! Since December 2017, I’m a Doctoral candidate advised by Prof. Jan Křetínský in the Chair for Foundations of Software Reliability and Theoretical Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich.

My current work revolves around formal methods and verification. The main branch of my work is concerned with the model of stochastic games, which are probabilistic systems exhibiting controlled as well as adversarial non-determinism. Given an objective (e.g. “Reach the target state”), solving a stochastic game amounts to computing the optimal strategies of both players as well as the corresponding probability to satisfy the objective at each state if both play optimally. Thus, this problem can be considered probabilistic model checking as well as controller synthesis.

Another branch of my work considers compact and explainable representation of controllers (this includes both controllers generated by solving stochastic games as well as controllers generated by any other tool). For this, my co-authors and I have developed the tool dtControl, which can transfer controllers from various formats into smaller and more explainable decision trees.

Read more about my research activities on dblp or google scholar, or check out any of my publications listed below.

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Probabilistic model checking and controller synthesis for stochastic games

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Small and explainable representation of controllers

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