I am a research assistant and PhD student at the Department of Informatics of the Technische Universität München. My PhD thesis is supervised by Prof. Broy and Prof. Veith at the Faculty of Informatics, Research Group Formal Methods in Systems Engineering of the Vienna University of Technology. My research interests include:

  • SAT Solving
  • Computational Complexity
  • Formal Methods in Systems Engineering
  • Embedded Systems
  • Model-Based Development
  • Optimization of Automotive E/E Architectures

Projects: (past and current)
  • BASE.XT (BMW Group)
    Seamless model-based development of software-intensive automotive systems. Development of the COLA-IDE.
  • BASE.XT Pro Live (BMW Group)
    Optimized multi-ECU deployment, generation of requirements specification documents. Extention of the COLA-IDE. Traceability visualization
  • AIDA Unterstützungsprojekt (BMW Group)
    PLM evaluation, requirements specification document coaching
  • SPES 2020 Software Plattform Embedded Systems (BMBF)
  • SysTEP 2 (BMW Group)
    PLM tool evaluation and development of a mechatronic artefact model.
  • Architektur Meisterklasse (BMW Group)
  • SPES XT Software Plattform Embedded Systems (BMBF)