Formal Methods Education Online: Tips, Tricks & Tools (FOMEO'21)

Satellite workshop of ICALP, July 12, 2021


As the sizes of university courses and the demands of students are increasing, instructors are under pressure to provide online tool support. Formal methods and theoretical computer science are no exception. The last year was a stress test for many such tools, also showing that such support will be indispensable already in the very near future. This workshop brings together course instructors as well as developers of the tools to



Our impression is that a lot of nice ideas, tools and tricks for online teaching have been developped, but are not widely known thorugh the community. We would like to know more about what others are doing and strongly suspect that many instructors are very interested in learning about approaches used by others. We, the organizers, are actively involved in building teaching support systems for formal methods. Jan and Maximilian are the current project leads of AutomataTutor, a tool for teaching the foundations of formal languages. Thomas is the project lead of Iltis, a tool for teaching the foundations of logic. In our work, we encountered several other teaching support systems that cover topics of formal methods education, but our impression is that many of these systems are not widely known.

Planned format

We call for presentations of tips, tricks, and tools. In addition, we plan explicitly invite demos for some teaching support systems, also the tools AutomataTutor and Iltis will be presented.

The time slots for presentations can vary, as we expect short presentations of tips and tricks but also some longer demos of tools. In the gather-town-like sessions, every presenter/project will have a presentation area where demos, poster presentation, etc. (presenters have complete freedom) are possible.


Deadline: May 8

Via Easychair, for more detail see the call