1991 - Dawning of the French
Electra Demo
The first, very well designed demo by the Swedish crew Electra. It surely is the biggest reset demo ever made. As you can see on the screenshot Electra has very fast code-generated sprite routines. Released: 1-1991.
Electra Reset-Demo (hawhaw)

The European Demos
This two-disk mega-demo by OVR and friends features some great coding (mainly by Ziggy Stardust, Mcoder, Dim, Mister Bee, and Adso). A celebrated highlight is the brilliant 3d-screen by Ziggy and M-coder. Released: 6-1991.

Things Not To Do
Funny, little demo by Electronic Images of Inner Circle. You actually learn something. Additionally, it has a neat rotating 3d starfield and a cool bit-bender.
Things Not To Do

The Decade Demo
A megademo by the Inner Circle with numerous screens. Released: 8-1991.
Demo Main Menu

Ooh Crikey Wot a Scorcher
The last demo from the Lost Boys, released at the Atari Fair '91. The main menu is a fractal 3d-game which is unique on the ST. The demo introduced an expansion system to support additional demo screens on bonus-disks that unfortunately never saw the light of day. There is a hidden (full-)screen by ULM on the disk that cannot be accessed within the demo and requires a special loader. Released: 8-1991.
Ooh Crikey Wot A Scorcher Intro

Punish your Machine
The official I.C.C. 2 party demo by Delta Force and friends (Legacy, Black Monolith Team, The Overlanders, Electra and many more). It comes on two disks and contains one of the very rare screens by ST-CNX (their first one since 1989), which is a technical masterpiece applying "4-bit sync-scrolling" for the first and only time on the ST. Also, there's a medium resolution fullscreen for the first and only time on an ST. Type "hiddenscreenmaessig" in the main-menu for the hidden screen. Press "*" in the "When colours are going bang bang" screen to access a hidden picture. In the "Best part of the creation", there are three hidden scrolltexts: press HELP or F10 or LEFT in the intro and RIGHT during the scroller. After finishing this demo, The Delta Force started working on another mega-demo called "Shock Therapy". Several amazing screens have been in the works, but the demo was never finished. Released: 11-13-1991.
Colours are going bang bang...