1990 - New Groups arise.
Swedish New Year Demo 2
Once again good code from Sweden's number one coders: TCB, Omega and Sync. Holding down the left shift key while booting brings you to the hidden screen which features Swedish gossip by the three groups. Released: 1-1-1990.
Omega's Screen

The Mindbomb Demo
The Lost Boys' answer to the cuddly Demos. One of the best screens is a conversion of the famous RSI 3D balls demo from the Amiga. Of course, the Mindbomb Demo features a sync-scrolling main-menu as well. This demo marks the beginning of the legendary TCB/TLB rivalry. Released: 5-1990.
Red Sector Conversion

The Overscan Demos
Coder Paulo Simoes shows off his great talents (Graphics by his pal Carlos Dias). Probably the only well-known Atari demo from Portugal, and what a bummer it is!. As the title suggests, it consists only of fullscreens. 14 years after the release of this demo, the master himself, Paulo Simoes, patched it for STE and emulators. Released: 5-14-1990.
Spectrum Show

Life's a Bitch
Classic demo, that was released at the Atari Fair in Dusseldorf 1990. It features screens by TLB, GigaTex (Gigabyte Crew and TEX), Ulmareplicants (ULM and the Replicants), ULM and the famous Bittner-Mix. The first screen (Beat-Nick) is TLB's only filled 3d vector screen (and it's cheating very much). Released: 9-1990.
AK Screen

Syntax Terror Demo
The first and only mega-demo by Delta Force, which includes two legendary games (Match-It! and Soko-Ban) and the original lamer-test. Additionally it features Nick's (TCB) winning 24h-contest contribution with sync-scrolling and 3d-graphics, and the very last (full-)screen by TEX. There are guest screens by The Lost Boys, Level 16, The Exceptions, NeXT, Legacy and the Respectables. Type "GESICHTSKONDOM" during the intro for a hidden screen and "HEMMELHERRGOTTSJESASWILLA" (?) in the main menu for another one. Released: 12-21-1990.
The Greetings Screen

The dark Side of the Spoon
Absolutely amazing coding by ULM with some additional screens by the Respectables and TLB. This demo has an enormous amount of fullscreens. One of them (with sync-scrolling) is considered to be one of the best screens ever made on the ST. Released: 12-1990.
Dark Side of the Spoon