1989 - The Union rules.
Swedish New Year Demo 1
A nice demo with three screens by TCB, Omega and Sync. It was released before AN Cool became a member of TCB. Released: 1-1-1989.
SNY Main Menu

The Union Demo
This demo has screens by the best demo programmers on the ST: The Union. It has its own diskformat (almost one meg compressed demos) and features "TCB 3" by Nick, which some people consider to be one of the best demo-screens ever. The TNT-Crew deliver the first 3D graphics on the ST (though not very fast when compared to the latest ST demos). The hidden screen (Sample-Mon ST, can be reached by a hidden door at a TEX logo) was coded by TEX. A couple of years later, the Union added Electra and the Overlanders to their members in order to regain forces for a second Union demo which never became reality. Released: 1-7-1989.
Demo Intro

The cuddly Demos
The cuddly Demos were the ultimate brain-blaster. All the screens seemed to be impossible to realize on an ST. This demo was the first to use sync-scrolling, which rocks in the fullscreen. Released: 4-2-1989.

Whattaheck Demo
The first party-demo by TCB and friends. The loading screen is a so-called "super writer", a famous demo-effect from the C-64. Released: 5-11-1989.
Mega Dist

The Overdrive Demo
Mega-demo by Phalanx with a game-like main-menu. Chris Mad is totally nuts. Just listen to his loading music. Released: 8-1989.
Biggie Sprite II

Sowatt Demo
Brilliant party-demo by TCB and friends. It probably features the only main menu without music. Released: 12-1989.
Visualizer's Screen