Muqsit Azeem

Hi! Since December 2020, I am a PhD student advised by Prof. Jan Křetínský at the Chair for Foundations of Software Reliability and Theoretical Computer Science, Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Should you be interested in a discussion/collaboration, please write to me at or drop by my office.


MI 03.11.041
Faculty of Informatics, Technical University of Munich
Boltzmannstr. 3, 85748 Garching


I work in the area of Formal Verification and interested in exploring the interplay between it and machine learning. Recently, I started exploring runtime verification of neural networks. dblp, Google Scholar.

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Teaching Activities


Previously, I was a researcher at Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC), Pune, where I worked with Prof. Kumar Madhukar from 2017 till 2020. Before this, I completed my Master's degree in Computer Science from the Chennai Mathematical Institute, India.