Abstract of FKI-233-99

Document-Name:  fki-233-99.ps.gz
Title:		A Multiagent Framework for Planning, Reacting, and Learning
Authors:	Gerhard Weiss 
Revision-Date:	1999/09/01 
Category:	Technical Report (Forschungsberichte Künstliche Intelligenz)
Abstract:	There are two main approaches to activity coordination in 
                multiagent systems, plan-based coordination and reactive 
                coordination, each having its specific advantages and 
                disadvantages. This paper describes a framework called 
                M-Dyna-Q that aims at combining these two approaches such 
                that their advantages are retained while their disadvantages
                are avoided. The key idea behind M-Dyna-Q, which is a 
                multiagent variant of a single-agent framework known as Dyna-Q,
                is to achieve this combination through equipping the agents 
                with the capability to learn information that is relevant to 
                their planning and reacting activities. M-Dyna-Q thus offers 
                an integrated view of planning, reacting, and learning in 
                multiagent systems. 
Keywords:	(M-)Dyna-Q, multiagent systems, reactive coordination,
                plan-based coordination, learning
Size:		13 pages
Language:	English
ISSN:		0941-6358
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Gerhard Weiss