Abstract of FKI-196-94

Document-Name:  fki-196-94.ps.gz
Title:		Synchronization without oscillatory neurons
Authors:	Hans-Martin R. Arnoldi 
		Wilfried Brauer
Revision-Date:	1994/08/19
Category:	Technical Report (Forschungsberichte Künstliche Intelligenz)
Abstract:	Recent experimental results suggest that neurons in the
		visual cortex synchronize their action potentials on the
		millisecond time scale. More importantly this binding
 		expresses functional relationships between the neurons.
		In several neural network models oscillatory units were
 		used to simulate the behavior of the recorded neurons.
 		It is still under debate, however, whether neurons in the
		cortex show oscillatory discharges per se. The model
		proposed here exhibits the same synchronizing effects but
 		uses physiologically more plausible neurons. Especially a
 		high rate of noise cannot destroy synchronization in the
		neural network simulations.

Keywords:	synchronization of neuronal discharges, SynFire chains,
		binding of information, neural network models,
		neurophysiological information processing
Size:		17 pages
Language:	English
ISSN:		0941-6358
Copyright:	The ``Forschungsberichte Künstliche Intelligenz''
		series includes primarily preliminary publications,
		specialized partial results, and supplementary
		material. In the interest of a subsequent final
		publication these reports should not be copied. All
		rights and the responsability for the contents of the
		report are with the authors, which would appreciate
		critical comments.

Gerhard Weiss