Abstract of FKI-181-93

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Title:          Workshop W6 at IJCAI'93: Reasoning about Action and Change
Authors:        (Organizers: Luis Farinas del Cerro, Bertram Fronhöfer,
                Dov Gabbay, Camilla Schwind) 
Revision-Date:  1993/09
Category:       Technical Report (Forschungsberichte Künstliche Intelligenz)
Abstract:       Contains the collection of papers of the talks at the
                WS 6 (IJCAI'93):
                The theme of the workshop was the discussion of foundations of 
                the topic indicated by the title. Therefore, we
                intended to focus on fundamental issues which
                may reach from a critical assessment of current
                research trends in this field to guidlines and
                perspectives for future research.
                In the following titles and authors of the papers:
                Steffen H"OLLDOBLER, Michael THIELSCHER  
                 On Logic, Change, and Specificity
                Laurence CHOLVY                           
                 Updates and topics of information
                Odile PAPINI, Antoine RAUZY               
                 Revision and minimal change in propositional calculus
                Erik SANDEWALL                              
                 Systematic assessment of temporal reasoning
                 methods for use in autonomous agents
                Zohar MANNA, Massimo PALTRINIERI, Richard WALDINGER
                 Temporal Planning
                John BELL                                    
                 Problems and principles of common sense causal reasoning
                Jean-Marc ANDREOLI, Marc BOURGOIS, Norbert EISINGER
                 Nabiel ELSHIEWY, Remo PARESCHI             
                 The Project MAS LOCO
                Luis FARINAS DEL CERRO, Andreas HERZIG 
                 Revisions, Updates, and Interference
                Nicholas ASHER                         
                 Reasoning about Action and Time with Epistemic Conditionals
                Cristina RIBEIRO, Antonio PORTO         
                 Reasoning about change from an abductive point of view
                David MORLEY                           
                 Monotonicity and ``The Frame Problem''
                Brigitte PRADIN-CHEZALVIEL, Robert VALETTE 
                 Monotonicity and nonmonotonicity of change in Petri nets
Keywords:       Reasoning, change, action, planning, temporal
		reasoning, update, time, revision 
Size:           105 pages
Language:       English
ISSN:           0941-6358
Copyright:      The ``Forschungsberichte Künstliche Intelligenz''
                series includes primarily preliminary publications,
                specialized partial results, and supplementary
                material. In the interest of a subsequent final
                publication these reports should not be copied. All
                rights and the responsability for the contents of the
                report are with the authors, which would appreciate
                critical comments.

Gerhard Weiss