Abstract of FKI-179-93

Document-Name:  fki-179-93.ps.gz
Title:		36 Problems for Semantic Interpretation
Authors:	Gabriele Scheler 
Revision-Date:	1993/05/08 
Category:	Technical Report (Forschungsberichte Künstliche Intelligenz)
Abstract:	This paper presents a collection of problems for natural 
		language analysis derived mainly from theoretical linguistics.
                Most of these problems present major obstacles
		for computational systems of language interpretation.
		The set of given sentences can easily be scaled up
		by introducing more examples per problem.
		The construction of computational systems could benefit 
		from such a collection, either using it directly for training 
		and testing or as a set of benchmarks
		to qualify the performance of a NLP system. 
Keywords:	theoretical linguistics, benchmarks for NLP systems,
		language interpretation systems
Size:		8 pages
Language:	English
ISSN:		0941-6358
Copyright:	The ``Forschungsberichte Künstliche Intelligenz''
		series includes primarily preliminary publications,
		specialized partial results, and supplementary
		material. In the interest of a subsequent final
		publication these reports should not be copied. All
		rights and the responsability for the contents of the
		report are with the authors, which would appreciate
		critical comments.

Gerhard Weiss