Abstract of FKI-157-91

Document-Name:  fki-157-91.ps.gz
Title:          StoL - Literate Programming in SCHEME
Authors:        Daniel Kobler 
                Daniel Hernandez 
Revision-Date:  1992/08/92 
Category:       Technical Report (Forschungsberichte Künstliche Intelligenz)
Abstract:       StoL provides simple means for literate programming in
                SCHEME.  It helps you to improve the external
                presentation of your ideas by producing high quality
                typesetted output -- containing both ``as is'' code
                and formatted comments -- from unmodified (or only
                slightly modified) sources.
Keywords:       Literate Programming, pretty printing, Scheme, Lisp,
                WEB, LaTeX.
Size:           10 pages
Language:       English
ISSN:           0941-6358
Copyright:      The ``Forschungsberichte Künstliche Intelligenz''
                series includes primarily preliminary publications,
                specialized partial results, and supplementary
                material. In the interest of a subsequent final
                publication these reports should not be copied. All
                rights and the responsability for the contents of the
                report are with the authors, which would appreciate
                critical comments.

Gerhard Weiss