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Practical Course: Algorithms for Programming Contests

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ConPra course page for a future (WS2020/2021) semester is open

Extra samples for hard contest problems

In the materials, there are now some extra examples for the hardest problems.

Contest teams

The list of the (fully-registered) contest teams

Exam time choice

Exam time choice (morning/afternoon/evening) lists Feb 6 and Feb 7 have been put up on the outer glass wall of the chair I7's Glass room (03.11.51).

«Approximation Experimentation about Soup: Contest for Testcase Research» (AES-CTR)

A testcase contest for bonus points (and unspecified amount of chocolate bars for the best participants, but at least one is guaranteed if someone gains points)! See the archive with the solutions to break in the materials.
AES-CTR scoring: 2 points for breaking each (almost-reasonable) solution (providing a test case that makes it go outside 4x approximation bound), +1 point for a generator capable to provide many diverse testcases breaking the same solution (please specify what is the success rate), and more (see README.txt inside the archive)
Submission via the course email

Debugging session

A debugging demo session will take place on 20.11.19 at 13:00 in room FMI 00.08.038. The normal course meeting will follow at 14:00.

Class meeting

The first meeting will take place on 16.10.19 at 14:00 in room FMI 00.08.038.