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Petri Nets 2018

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July 23, 2018

Recall that the exam is taking place on Monday July 30 from 11:00 to 12:15 in room 5503.EG.350. More details here.


Some mistakes in the solutions of exercise sheet 1 were fixed: the subnets of #1.3(c), and a few edges of the reachability graph for the third Petri net in #1.3(b).


The survey paper on population protocols mentioned today in class is available here.


The exam will take place on July 30 from 11:00 to 12:15 in room MW 0350 (Egbert-von-Hoyer-Hörsaal, 5503.EG.350).


There was an important typo in the lecture notes. In Lemma 5.2.11, t \in {\cal A}(\sigma_1) is wrong, it should be t \notin {\cal A}(\sigma_1). The typo has been corrected. Thank you all for helping me to find it with your questions in class!


There will be a lecture on May 30 and a tutorial on June 5 (i.e. the two classes are simply swapped).


The classes of May 29 and May 30 will take place in the LRZ Building (Boltzmannstraße 1) next to the faculty. There will be signs labeled "Petrinetze [IN 2062] Prof. Esparza / Dr. Blondin" guiding you to the room which is close to the entrance.


There will be no class on May 22 due to Whitsun vacation.


There will be no class on April 25 due to the students general assembly.


The first class will take place on April 10.


Creation of the webpage.