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Cryptography WS 2012/2013

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  • The final marks (including a possible bonus) have been published via TUMonline. You should have received an email containing further informations on where and when you can have a look at your exam. If not, please write Maximilian an email.
  • The registration for the oral (retake) exam are now open in TUMonline till 25.03. As soon as the registration is closed, we will inform your via TUMonline on the specific time(s) and date(s). (Currently, we plan to have the exam in the second week of April (08.04.-12.04.) right before the new semester starts.) So please make sure to read your emails.


The node J (CDH) is missing in the proposed solution for the exam. It should subdivide the edge going from G (DDH) to F (OWP).


Here is a first solution of the exam: [PDF]

(Provided as is, no guarantee of correctness.)


There is a typo in the solution of Ex 6 (d) in the mock exam of 2011: In case b=0 g_3 should of course be g^{xy}.


Solution sketches for the old exams are online.


Question time

We will have a question time on Friday, 22.02.2013, in 03.09.014 starting at 11:00.

If possible, please mail your questions to Maximilian in advance so that we can prepare good answers and reduce the "processing time". ;-)


The exam will take place on Tuesday, 26.02.2013, in the interim lecture hall 1 from 12:30 to 14:30 sharp. That is you will have two hours for solving the exam.

Please be at the lecture hall already at 12:15 so that we can start on time.

Reminder: As mentioned in the lecture, the only auxiliary means allowed is a non-programmable calculator.


All solutions (ex+quiz) are online now. The list of codes of the people who have achieved the bonus can be found here .


The last exercise sheet 7 is online.


As was pointed out to me (thanks! :-) the code for the next password only works correctly for 32 bit systems.

(More precisely, the code is correct, only the ".bin"-files have been generated with "size_of(size_t)==4".)

To fix it on 64bit systems you can

  • replace "size_t" by "unsigned int" in io_helper.cpp, or
  • re-download the zip file where this has already been done, or
  • try to add "-m32" as compiler flag.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Points for quizzes 1-6 are now online. If you have 60% of those you get the Bonus. All others still have a chance in the 7th quiz!


As of next Wednesday a new password will be required to access the slides and notes.

To get the password, have a look at THIS.

See the included README.txt for further instructions.


Please note that the exam is on the 26th of February--register via TUMOnline if you want to participate!!


Exercise 06 online. Solution for 05 online, results of quizzes updated.


Exercise sheet 05 is online (and the solution for 04 + quizz 05)
We wish you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays! See you back in 2013


Solution and results for quiz 04 is online.


Exercise sheet 04 is online.


The Exams of the last years have been uploaded. (see the exercises-page!)


Solution to homework 03 is online (sry for the delay). Homework 04 will be posted tomorrow.


Solution and results for the third quiz is online.


Homework 03 posted.


Solution to for the second exercise sheet and the second quiz is online (sorry for the delay).


Homeworksheet 02 is online (discussed next week on Tuesday).


Solutions to sheet 01 online (sorry for the delay).


Uploaded a new version of the slides.


Note that next Monday (29th of October) the tutorial will take place instead of the lecture. Please come prepared! (i.e. try to solve the homework problems!)


A nice example of a conjecture ("512-bit integers are hard to factor") which was reasonable once, but isn't anymore today: see here

A recent list of not-so-good passwords: see here (that's to some extent an advert, just have a look at the passwords, don't buy anything ;-)).


First homework sheet is online :).


The room has changed. Starting next Monday, it's going to take place in MW 1450


The first lecture will be on Tue, 16.10.


Creation of the website.