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Complexity Theory 2019

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  • May 28 The last sessions will take place on Friday, June 14, the exam on Tuesday, July 2.
  • May 27 The next tutorial is planned for May 31.
  • May 14 The next tutorial is now planned for May 21(not 17 as announced earlier).
  • May 08 The next tutorial is planned for May 14.
  • May 06 Wednesday, May 08, there will be a tutorial.
  • May 01 Friday, May 03, there will be one tutorial and one lecture.
  • Apr 3 The first lecture will be on Tuesday 23.04.2019 at 10:00 in room 03.09.014.
    Since the lecturer is going to take parental leave in the later part of the semester, the teaching will be concentrated towards the first half with the remainder taught by Prof. Esparza. Currently there are 5 slots reserved each week instead of regular 3 slots. Note that for the first 7 weeks only 31 slots are actually taking place, which corresponds to less than 4 and a half slots per week. The issue will be discussed and final decisions made during the first lecture. Although such a concentration might be a bit more demanding, students have more time at the end of semester when projects have to be handed in for other courses and it's generally a busier time.