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Publications - Convergence of Newton's Method over Commutative Semirings


M. Luttenberger and M. Schlund. Convergence of Newton's Method over Commutative Semirings. Information and Computation, ?(?):??–??, To appear.


We give a lower bound on the speed at which Newton's method (as defined in (Esparza/Kiefer/Luttenberger, 2007)) converges over arbitrary -continuous commutative semirings. From this result, we deduce that Newton's method converges within a finite number of iterations over any semiring which is ``collapsed at some '' (i.e. holds) in the sense of (Bloom/Ésik, 2009). We apply these results to (1) obtain a generalization of Parikh's theorem, (2) compute the provenance of Datalog queries, and (3) analyze weighted pushdown systems. We further show how to compute Newton's method over any -continuous semiring by constructing a grammar unfolding w.r.t. ``tree dimension''. We review several concepts equivalent to tree dimension and prove a new relation to pathwidth.

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